Angela tells me that the guy across the way and his wife might be splitting up. She deduced this from an exchange yesterday afternoon wherein he stood outside their apartment, apparently getting his stuff out, and shouted abuse at her through the open door; calling her stupid and saying she was going to "ruin" their kid's life. The kid in question is their little girl, whom I've heard him call "retard" at least once and whom he has loudly and publicly berated because her medicine costs so much. I think I daylogged all of this a while ago, I can't remember.

Oh yeah, and he made fun of our Hindu neighbors once by loudly mocking their hymn-singing.

The end of a marriage is certainly not optimal, and my admittedly uncharitable opinion of this man is based on five minutes total of exposure to him, but I really hope she's kicked his sorry ass out. No little girl should grow up thinking her daddy thinks she's stupid, and that the medicine to keep her healthy isn't as important as buying...I don't know, a big screen television or a jet ski or whatever the hell he'd rather do with the money.

This, of course, is exactly the kind of person we're commanded to love and pray for, so I dutifully pray for him. "God," I say, "setting aside my own many faults for the moment, would you please straighten this bastard out?"