Decided not to go to the Billy Graham Mission tonight, as it would mean spending 5 hours doing nothing in order to watch the Rev. Graham on a giant monitor outside the stadium in the overflow seating.

Played StarCraft three times.

At m_turner's urging, added a more informative (yet by its very nature frustratingly incomplete) writeup to New Testament.

Changed the passwords on some of my accounts.

Deleted a couple of nodes.

Went to #everything. Managed to bore the living shit out of the few people talking there with my desultory attempts at conversation.

Wrote a few paragraphs of Neon Blood. It was like pushing a tank along a dirt road.

Went to sleep. Ah, blessed, blessed sleep. Surely this will release me from the day's relentless mediocrity!

Had boring, frustrating dreams. DAMMIT.