A ride in the Disney theme parks, the Matterhorn is an artificial, hollow mountain capped with fake snow in which a roller coaster with cars that look like bobsleds has been constructed. Certain turns in the track bring passengers face to face with a howling animatronic yeti. At various times during the day, mountain climbers scale the Matterhorn and during the fireworks show at night, Tinkerbell flits down from the mountain's peak on a wire. The Skyway used to go through the center of the Matterhorn, but (in Disneyland at least) that ride has been taken down.

While passengers wait in line for the ride, recorded voices urge them to "Remain seated, please," adding in Spanish "Permanaced sentados por favor." The Spanish warning is beloved by Disneyphiles, and shows up in the first few seconds of the song "Tragic Kingdom" by No Doubt.

It's pretty much the whole reason I wanted to node the ride.