I got the car today, LALALALALALA! Not for a good reason, though; yesterday the doctor told Angela to go easy on her wrist (which was injured when one of our cats tripped her), so she's taking at least a week off work. That part is fine, but it probably means she won't be able to draw or paint much either. I suggested she use her other hand. The results might be interesting.

So somebody discarded a rotting turkey carcass in the bushes along the path to the parking lot. I'd been smelling it for a couple of days, but it was always too dark to search for the source of the foulness before. What's with me stumbling across large hunks of discarded meat? I've done it entirely more times than anyone who doesn't work in a packing district ought to expect.

I'm just relieved it was an eaten turkey. I figured it was a resident of our apartment complex. Ever since I read that James Ellroy book last year I always expect bloated corpses to turn up when things seem amiss.

My NT server is set up and working, talking to the internet, and all that good stuff. Angela isn't going to let me network her Mac to it so I'm just going to put the hub in a closet for now. My stepdad discouraged me from putting a sound card in it, saying that NT and sound don't mix. But...but how am I going to play Half Life? And StarCraft??

Two of our best friends are moving far away at the end of the month. They're happy and excited. We're sad. One of the reasons we were jazzed about coming back West was that we'd be close to them again, and now they're fleeing Los Angeles for the North. Such is life.