We attended a newcomer's luncheon at St. James. We were really hoping to meet some people on the same wavelength there, but once again we ended up mostly making small talk with rich people in their fifties (a hazard of being Episcopalian). They were NICE rich people in their fifties, but we looked longingly around the room where it seemed that everyone our age had been separated out, one couple per table. It just kills me that we missed the 20-30 year old group's outing to see Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation. They're having a Bible study next week and I suppose we'll go, but I would rather have met them first in more of a social situation.

Why is it so hard to meet people in our age group? We suspect it's because most people have kids by now, and hang around places where people with kids go. We obviously need to acquire a child somehow. I must remember to ask factgirl how one goes about this.

After an afternoon of running errands, we returned to find a message on our voice mail from a member of the San Diego Writers' Cooperative. Four months later than they'd originally announced, the results of their annual contest were finally in and my short fantasy story won Honorable Mention! Hooray for me! Sure, first place would have been ideal. But I'm happy. James Blaylock, one of my favorite authors, was a judge and I guess he thought the story doesn't suck.

A beetle flew into our bedroom that night and basked in the lamplight as I e-mailed friends and family to tell them the news. I carefully picked him up and released him out our back door before we went to bed, and when I fell asleep I dreamed of swarms of insects.