2002 has passed; a sort of nowhere year for me, I didn't really get ahead, I didn't really fall behind. I scored no victories and made little real progress in the things I truly care about. I guess I would say that this past year I mostly spun my wheels.

But you know what? 2001 was so f---ing godawful that this is all right by me. The absence of stomach-churning horror and grinding despair made it seem like a year spent in Paradise by comparison. So, fare ye well 2002. I'm grateful for you and the breather you provided, and hope for good things in 2003.

Speaking of which.

WANTED: New Life in Pacific Northwest Olympia, Washington preferred, Portland, Oregon certainly better than a poke in the eye
Desired features include:
- jobs that pay decently and which we don't loathe
- alternatively, jobs which we may dislike but which are bearable and pay extraordinarily well.
- a chance to make good friends who we can meet with face to face once in a while.
- a community of local artists and writers.
- an opportunity for me to get out of IT (poss. into publishing, teaching, or the library system, in which case an MLIS program would be good).
- an inexpensive apartment with washer/dryer hookups where cats are welcome, and which gets plenty of light.
- to someday own a home and adopt a little girl.

Our dreams died, y'see. We need them back.