Like my brothers in arms above, I too have had my perfectly right and appropriate natural social instincts perverted by political correctness. Result? The abject misery and deep psychological trauma that nearly every Caucasian male suffers today as part of his enslavement to the all-powerful liberal elite that controls every aspect of our daily lives.

For example: any reasonable person can see that black men are a menace to people like myself; a plethora of anecdotal evidence bears this out. Now in the old days, if I saw a black man walking around in my neighborhood--most likely "casing" the "joint" (a gangland term)--my natural response to the presence of this scary intruder would be to call the police. These days though, political correctness compels me to think and act like he has some good reason for being there. Plus if I call the cops, I will be automatically branded a racist, just for defending my home! Meanwhile this African-American gentleman (more political correctness!) has no such inner struggle going on, and is free to rob me blind.

And then there's women. What healthy man doesn't occasionally get the urge to pat an attractive woman on the bottom as she passes? All of a sudden, such natural behavior between a man and a woman is seen as a lack of respect! Really, it's a sign of deep respect: you're saying, "Even though you are a superior court judge, I want you to know that I still think of you as a very sexy lady."

Don't get me started on the whole "no means no" thing. Nowadays if you have sex with a struggling, protesting girl, you're accused of being a rapist! I think most women would secretly agree with me that it's worth the risk of an occasional rape if it means keeping the excitement and fire of sex alive.

The fact is, political correctness stunts healthy discourse. Personally I think it's a tragedy that if I ever met Ater in real life I wouldn't be allowed to ask him if his Korean parents serve dog in their convenience store, just like it would be considered "inappropriate" if I asked DMan if he ever saw his lesbo sisters get it on with each other. Why should we have to watch what we say around each other? "Let it all hang out", as the kids say!