In Kanab, Utah a group of ten guys in their mid-twenties spend their nights in the garage, covered in sweat and grease and stinking of gasoline and bloodying their fingers building go-karts from scratch that are glued over with religious icons, pop bottle caps, chinaware, ceramic cherubs, old psychedelic posters, bright plastic Pez dispensers. Every Saturday night at midnight they roar onto the football field of Kanab High School (home of the Kanab Knights) where they play Demolition Polo. Smash!

In Downtown Savannah, Georgia the windows of Ed's Pool Hall rattle in their frames, flakes of lead white paint falling onto the sidewalk outside like snow. Inside, the men rev up gas-powered cues that fire out of their hands like rockets to strike wildly-spinning gas-powered balls. Crack!

The Gas-Powered Chess club at Morse Science College in Kalamazoo, Michigan is going crazy. Challenger Jerzy Tsekhansky has the heel of one palm pressed against the eye that was just almost put out by the white queen that came shooting off the board, belching noxious fumes from its tailpipes. His other hand is scrabbling to catch the black knight. Defending champion Anita "Sheets" Wainwright's pawns are advancing like Hells Angels across the board. Varoom!

The members of the Gas-Powered Football League ate one another when their glider crashed in the Andes. Their iron ball sits silently in a museum in Bonn.