In honor of panamaus' relocation to the West Coast, I have composed this song.

Okay, okay, I didn't really compose a song. It's basically just Van Halen's "Panama". Only instead of shouting "Panama" you shout "Panamaus". Here goes:

Whonk, whonk, bump-ba-da whonk, whonk

He got electric shiny jeans,
He got the fever, eating up the collard greens!
Ah-choo, burning down the avenue,
You, da, da...whoa...

Something, something...

Wah na na wah na na...


Whonk, whonk, whonk-wa-da

PANAMAUS, whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh..., wait. It...this...

Crap. Let me work on this a little more and I'll get back to you, okay? Trust me, when this is finished it'll ROCK YOUR MOM.