"They were several orders of magnitude livelier than Spacemen 3, so I guess that counts for something."
- hatless on Galaxie 500

"I'd point out the grammatical problem, but frankly I suspect that pedantry will also get one fuck up by the Ghetto Style DJs."
- Sylvar, Unlawful duplication will get you fuck up by the Ghetto Style DJs

"Christianity is 'simple', but it's not user friendly, nor is it cool, nor was it meant to be popular."
- pingouin, Quickly, intellectually bludgeon your faith.

"There is a message here. Don't let a cat rule your life."
- sensei in the Chatterbox

"Damn ill-educated donkey-fuckers. Our Lord and Master Satan will destroy you all."
- Jet-Poop, Damn it, I'm a Satan Worshipper

"he knows how to massage the system. it's like watching picasso build an airplane."
- yossarian in the Chatterbox, observing a noder attempting to get his account unlocked by abusing Nate.