I blame myself. I had long ago noted what a hideous mess People don't go to heaven when they die had become. It was a textbook example of Writeup does not mean reply, with the back-and-forth between the various writeup authors turning the entire node into an unreadable mishmash. (Or possibly a wimwam.) A late revision of the initial noder's entry indicated that he might revisit it and make some sense of the thing, so I left it and, well, forgot about it

Alas! Poor, innocent Wuukiee came across it this week and was reduced to tears by its incoherence. I offered to put the node in order, but wading through its contents I was convinced that I had to destroy the node in order to save it. So I did, and at Jerboa's urging I then deleted the shell.

I did other stuff, but that's the only thing worth mentioning really.

I need to retitle and add content to my Commandment nodes. Yes I do.