I'm at an E2 get-together at Templeton's place in New Orleans. I'm one of the early ones - I show up on Friday evening and will be staying the night there with a handful of other noders.

The weird thing about Templeton's place is that it adjoins a grocery store, and after the store has closed for the night she just opens up the connecting set of double doors and treats it as part of her apartment. She cooks dinner for the meet and just takes the ingredients off the shelves and out of the produce bins! I wonder if the shop's owners know about this? Maybe this IS half of her apartment, and she just lets them use it as a grocery store during the day in exchange for free food. I decide it's none of my business.

We play role-playing games late into the night and I crash on Templeton's couch. Unfortunately, I have to share it with another noder who looks exactly like comedian Jon Lovitz. Sharing a couch with Jon Lovitz is NOT ideal, but I manage to get a good night's sleep anyway.

We're awakened the next morning by Templeton's radio alarm clock, playing a song by the Who. Cool! I jump off the couch and leap around the room playing my best Pete Townshend-style air guitar. I'm windmilling furiously just when the rest of the party walks in. Hilarity ensues.

I don't recognize most of the folks who've just showed up, so I'm happy to see that factgirl is among them. Two young black women show up separately and when they see each other they stare, astonished -- they're sisters, and neither had ANY idea that the other was a fellow noder! It's an Everything2 miracle, and with that the dream comes to a close.