Forced, unwanted intercourse, committed by someone known to the victim. Also known as acquaintance rape, it is actually the most common kind of rape. Causes can be miscommunication (when a woman seems to be enjoying a man's attentions he may misinterpret this as a signal that she wants to have sex), traditional sex roles (men are encouraged to be aggressive and not take 'no' for an answer), the general loosening of sexual standards over the last few decades (many - perhaps most - men now expect sex on a date), or anger/insecurity on the part of the rapist, which he then takes out on someone he perceives to be weaker.

As for the "romance" (non-)issue, which do you honestly believe is more romantic - to court someone, or to get her drunk and force yourself on her at a frat party?

Info drawn from "Friends" Raping Friends--Could It Happen to You? by Jean O'Gorman Hughes and Bernice R. Sandler, which can be found at