From the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (episode title: "Who Are You?").

Evil rogue Slayer Faith forcibly switches minds with Buffy. After Buffy-in-Faith's-body is taken into police custody, Faith-in-Buffy's-body stands in front of a mirror and practices being the good Slayer, repeating phrases she thinks Buffy might say. ("You can't do that! It's wrong!")

The concept of not doing something because it's wrong is so alien to her that she has to repeat it several times over to get it right. A funny moment, only topped later on when the fake Buffy encounters the vampire Spike at a nightclub:

"...I mean, I could be rich, I could be famous, I could have anything. Anyone. Even you, Spike. I could ride you at a gallop until your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I've got muscles you've never even dreamed of. I could squeeze you until you popped like warm champagne, and you'd beg me to hurt you just a little bit more. And you know why I don't? Because it's wrong."