Ack! It's Palm Sunday! Er...I mean, HOORAY!

I can't believe I forgot. I mean, missing church on Palm Sunday is one thing, but not even remembering what day it is? Criminy. But on the other hand, I'm not sure where I would have gone anyway. I no longer feel any connection to the two churches I've attended since we moved back to San Diego, and part of the joy of going to church on one of the great feast days is to share the event with others. I know, technically I would have been sharing it with others; just not anybody I actually know. That would probably have just made me feel depressed. Gladness or penitence I can get behind, but depression when everyone else is singing hosannas just ain't my cup of tea. So maybe my staying home was for the best.

Uh-oh. This means Easter is just over the hill. And Easter Sunday last year was, for entirely personal reasons, like a train wreck in slow motion. Most merciful God, please, please don't let this Easter be like last year's. Yes, I know today was Palm Sunday and I wasn't in church. My bad. Won't happen again. To recap, Easter--not like last year's. Thanks. Amen.

Hey, remember that chapter of Neon Blood I was working on, on Thursday? I took off from writing on Friday to spend the day with Angela, meant to write on Saturday but didn't because I let myself get obsessed with all that Network Solutions nonsense, but finally got back to it today. In fact, right before I took a break to run errands and node this, I wrote the scene's climax which occurs in a line of dialogue it must have taken half an hour to write. Geez, I hope it doesn't read like a line that took half an hour to write! I also hope that the chapter, almost all of which consists of two people talking, isn't a snoozer. Hmm. Maybe they can take a break halfway through and have a gunfight.