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Belen Jesuit Prep
If life bites you in the ass, bite it back.
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Recently new to Everything2...
I've been to this website several times through links that friends have sent me over the past year or two, and i finally decided to become a member. I'm on the computer alot, so hopefully I'll be able to contribute to this world of madness.

I like to skateboard, play guitar, drums, bass, freediving, wakeboarding... Yeah, all sorts of things.

I currently go to Belen Jesuit Prep. and I'm a Junior in high school. It sucks having to go to that hellhole every day, but im guessing that almost everyone in school (or in the workplace, for that matter) feels the same way.

If you have any suggestions to this website, I'd love to hear from you so I can get a hang of this place.