Runner's, Yeah, We're Different was a magazine ad campaign launched by Adidas. In these ads people were depicted in activities that non-runners would not totally understand or empathize with. The intention behind this campaign was to portray Adidas as a serious running company that could support the needs of devoted runners. The target demographic for this campaign is competetive post-collegiate runners. Examples of the ads were a girl copping a squat behind a tree while a friend stood watch, a naked man covered in mud changing in a public parking lot, a man running through a creek past a fisherman, and a couple of runners sitting on a curb applying Vaseline to some areas of their bodies.

Statistically speaking, the ad campaign was a huge success. Adidas name recognition skyrocketed and sales increased in a previously flat category. The ad was nominated for a Kelly Award as well.

Speaking as a runner, it was very refreshing to see such an ad campaign. The company did a very good job of appealing to the intimate subculture that runners feel to be a part of. I can say that I have taken part in all of the things represented in those ads, and I don't think a non-runner could say that. The ad really showed that the company was making an effort to get in with the running community.