The universe is not expanding.

This is something that I thought of when reading a writeup titled A different way of thinking about the stars.One of the wu's in this node brought up the fact that scientific observations determined that the universe was expanding. I've read of this theory before and it basically calls for the end of mankind so many millions or billions of years down the road because eventually we'll be so far from our own sun that we will freeze. I'm sure that is just one doomsday scenario due to the possible infinite expansion of our universe. I propose that this expansion theory is no more plausible than any other number of made up scenarios that would make for great hollywood films. Perhaps we will be struck by a giant asteroid, or we will be invaded by super intelligent beings; who knows we may just live forever, if one could comprehend forever.<\p>

Now I'm sure many of you are wondering how I have the balls to question one of the more accepted theories on the future of the universe, but I have my reasons. The primary reason being that we have been living as humans capable of observing and recording the universe for, let's say 10000 years. I would consider this to be an extremely generous estimation, by the way. Now lets say that earth came to be about 1 billion years ago. Many scientific estimations put the earth at a much older age, but I'm underestimating just to be on the extremely safe side. Given these numbers, our observation of the universe account for .001 percent of the earth's life; and that's just based on the life of earth, not the universe itself. The universe could be exponentially older for all we know. Now I ask the question of who is going to have the balls to claim that the universe is inescapably expanding based on a .001 percent observation. That's as good as no observation at all as far as statistics is concerned. This is why I claim any made up scenario for the future of the universe is just as likely as the claim that the universe is inevitably expanding to infinity.

Who knows, I may be way off base, but I hardly am going to believe we can predict the future of the universe based on a virtually instantaneous snapshot of a nearly infinite lifetime. Who cares though, because I'll never be proven wrong or right; not in my lifetime and not in yours.