Like Whizkid, my hair was pretty much straight when I was young, although on the wavy side. Around 13 or 14, my hair started to curl. At first I hated it and just brushed it straight, which made it extremely frizzy. Finally in my freshman year of high school I let it go curly naturally and everyone loved it!

I am still strugling with the frizz and getting more defined curls (any product sugestions? msg me). I have yet to straigten my hair but am thinking of trying a shampoo or something.

For curly hair:
I have found that pantene pro-v is my best friend. I use their shampoo and conditioner.

I also use Frizz-ease, which works really well...

Curly hair, especially when it's frizzy, is so frustrating, but it does get noticed by everyone, so I guess that's good!