The X-files

Young at Heart
Episode: 1X15
First aired:2/11/94
Written by: Scott Kaufer and Chris Carter
Directed by: Michael Lange

Agent Reggie Purdue calls Mulder, his former partner, to the scene of a jewelry store robbery. There was a note left that says "Fox can't guard the chicken coop." Mulder recognizes this note as written by John Barnett, whom Mulder had helped convict years before.

Records show that Barnett had died four years ago in prison but the handwriting on the note is an exact match. Mulder finds anther note, reading "A hunted Fox eventually dies." Mulder is sure that it is Barnett who then calls him, so he calls Perdue who is strangled by Barnett. A note is left at the crime scene reading "Funeral first for Fox's friends -- then for Fox."

Mulder and Scully investigate into Dr. Ridley, who had pronounced Barnett dead. They find that he had had his license revoked for malpractice and was experimenting with reversing the aging process.

Ridley talks to Scully saying that Barnett is his last surviving patient and that the government financed his work.

Mulder meets with Deep Throat and learns that the government is bargaining with Barnett to obtain Ridley's resarch. Barnett later calls Mulder saying that he's going to kill Mulder's friends.

At home, Scully finds Barnett's fingerprints on her answering machine. Realizing that Barnett now knows that she will be attending a cello recital (from the message), agents stake him out at the concert.

Scully is shot by Barnett but survives with a bulletproof vest. Mulder chases him down the hall where Barnett takes a hostage. Mulder shoots and kills him and the government vainly tries to save him to find the missing research.

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "You did the right thing, Mulder."
Mulder -- "Did I? Steve Wallenberg had a wife and two kids. One of his boys is an all-star on his football team now. If I had pulled the trigger two seconds earlier and Wallenberg would be here to see his kid play. Instead, I got some dead man robbing jewelry stores and sending me haikus."

Purdue -- "Yeah, well, maybe you ought to hear it again. You let a lot of people down here in the bureau. They had big plans for you. A lot of people are saying that "Spooky" Mulder has become an embarrassment, a liability."

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