The X-files

The Host
Episode: 2X02
First aired: 9/23/94
Written by: Chris Carter
Directed by: Daniel Sacheim

One of the weirdest episodes of The X-files.

On a Soviet ship, a seaman is pulled into the sewage system and the body is found later in a New Jersey sewer.

Mulder is frustrated with, what he thinks, is a mindless assignment, since the X-files is closed. He tells Scully the he's thinking of quiting. However, Mulder receives a mysterious call that tells him he has a friend in the FBI and that the X-files may be opened soon.

Scully performs an autopsy on the dead soviet man finding a large live flatworm, or fluke, inside the man. Meanwhile a sanitation worker is attacked by something in the water and emerges with a large wound on his back and later complains of an odd taste in his mouth. The man goes home and while in the shower he starts to choke and coughs up a fluke that slides down the drain.

Mulder investigates a sewage processing plant and he and a worker see a creature and manage to catch it. The Flukeman is primate-shaped with no sex organs and a worm-like mouth.

While transferring the Flukeman, it gets out and attacks the driver and hides in a nearby port-o-john where he is sucked into a sewage tanker. Mulder tracks the tanker, determined to catch it before it escapes. he goes with a worker to look for it. The worker is attacked and Mulder jumps in the water to help him. He sees the Flukeman enter a drain and he drops the gate therefore cutting the Flukeman in half.

We see what is left of the Flukeman drifting down the pipe and the eyes open -- it's alive.

Important Quotes:
Norman (1st worker) -- "Hey, Agent Mulder. What would you like us to do with the body?"
Mulder -- " Wrap it up and send it to the F.B.I., care of Assistant Director Skinner."

Scully -- "Is this seat taken?"
Mulder -- " No. But I should warn you, I'm experiencing violent impulses."
Scully -- "Well, I'm armed, so I'll take my chances."

Scully -- "Apparently, it had attached itself to the bile duct and was feeding off the liver."
Mulder -- " Lovely."
Scully -- " Believe it or not, something like forty million people are infected worldwide."
Mulder -- "This isn't where you tell me some terrible story about sushi, is it?"

Scully -- "Radiation. Abnormal cell fusion. The suppression of natural genetic processes. Mulder, nature didn't make this thing. We did. "

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