Okay, so I've been a freshman at Cornell University for almost two weeks now! How exciting!

It turns out that metacognizant is also a freshman, although we do not live in the same dorm. We are, however, in the same chemistry class! Imagine that! I think Everything2 should expect new and great things from us.

I am officially a bio major, which may end up killing me. I am taking Chem, Calc, and Bio plus a required freshman writing seminar.

My bio class is an autotutorial class so I get to teach myself everything and we only meet once a week. With the increadible flexibility and freedom comes tons of work. It's amazing that I've yet to complete a full week of classes at college, I'm already stressing about the work. It's not healthy.

I am, however, having a wonderful time here at Cornell. The campus is beautiful and huge so that no freshman 15 for me!

So onto bigger and better adventures at college!
From Cornell with Love,