heh -- stupid Queequeg, it's march and I have yet to realize that it is the year 2002. So I originally put this node up for March 26, 2001, which is now in the process of being deleted.
Anyway -- on with the daylog!

Wow, I was scroling down to write up a daylog for today and noticed that there are a surprisingly large amount of writeups for today! Interesting, what is it about today that's so special? Well here's my take on it:

I am, at the moment, procrastinating, which tends to happen about this time of day. Classes are over and studying must begin. I'm actually at the library, and maybe that'll help me get to work. I'm making myself stay here till 7 so that I'll be ready to take my unit test for my bio class when the bio center opens. It's an autotutorial class so I decide when I want to take the test, within reason. For example, I'm on unit 7 which is basically evolution. I must pass this test in a week, but I have so much other crap coming up plus my sister will be visiting me at the end of this week, so I'll get it done tonight -- I hope...

Yesterday was crazy. My dorm has started a game of asassins! This is only my second time playing, so I'm very excited. I'm still alive. Hopefully I can say the same tomorrow. Our rules are slightly different than the last time I played, which was at my highschool. But that's normal for this game. Any one in my dorm could sign up, including RAs. You kill a person by tapping them on the shoulder and saying "you're dead." But you can't kill the victim in his or her own room, in the bathrooms, in class while the class is in session, or in an all-you-can-eat dining hall.

So yesterday was the first day of the game and the dorm was going crazy. There are 5 resedential floors with about 100 kids on each, and not every one is playing, but that's still a ton of people. So I got down to business and got my first 3 kills fairly quickly! E2 should be proud of Queequeg.
But now the girl who I have to get knows I'm after her, and she's on my floor, a friend of mine. So it's going to be really hard to get her. I guess I'll just have to stay alive until then. We are playing that the one who wins is not the last man standing but rather the person who has the most kills. But I'm assuming people have gotten more than 3 so far, so I've gotta get this girl. Any suggestions? Feel free to /msg me.

So I'm a slight nervous wreck since I have no idea who's after me. Maybe it's for the best that I get killed cause I'm not doing too much work while I'm wacthing anxiously throught the peep hole in my door watching for my target or strange people hanging around my hallway.

Otherwise, things are going well. I got my big invertebrates lab pratical back for my bio class, I got one point above the first standard deviation! E2 should be proud of Queequeg
But I'm not here to boast, of course. I have learned well this semester.
Things are about to become very crazy for me, though, and I'm wonering if it's even worth it to try and study for my next chemistry exam. I'll fail it anyway.

Okay, bye for now! I'll let you all know what the fate of Queequeg will be in this game.