So... I haven't been on E2 for a while, kinda checking up on the site off and on, but no real noding.

Sitting here, in my small room, it's almost 1, and I'm dead tired. My friends are upstairs watching a video of a trip to Kenya, and I'm supposed to be doing physics problems. I'm not all that upset by that idea, but for some reason today was weird enough in its own way to leave me feeling different... not sad, happy, nostalgic? I'm not sure.

It's the feeling one gets (or at least I have had before) that I desperately want to shut my door to the world and say good night, but then still feel like finding a huge party and getting lost in the crowd, or maybe just taking a nice long walk by myself.

This summer isn't going as well as I had planned, mainly because I didn't think I would be doing so much physics. It's not all that hard, actually, I'm a biology major so I just have to take the introductory courses (101-102). It's not even calculus based, it's "conceptual" physics. Although my calculus knowledge does allow for a somewhat better understanding.

Anyway, I'm rambling...

Maybe I need a break in routine. A close friend just arrived in Ithaca two days ago so I saw him last night, instead of studying for physics. That was okay, I guess, although that procrastination is going to end catching up with me soon if I don't stop.

Not that I'm complaining about my work, cause I don't really mind it so much.

I think a change would be good (I repeat myself...). Maybe I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything. I'm not, really... I'm paying a ton of money to take two classes, and then making a tiny fraction of that by working in the library. That's pretty much my summer. I'm not accomplishing anything for myself (besides just plain getting physics over with, and therefore saving my sanity later) or for anyone else. Maybe I've just hit a rut. I should go back to physics, at least that's constant, something to stand upon...

Thanks for letting me ramble.