I just awoke after 10 hours of sleep!!!
Ahhhh, jet lag.....

Yep, last Saturday I got back from Hawaii, which is a 6 hours time difference from Washington DC.
Now that I'm almost over jet lag, I hope, I can fill you all in about my exciting adventures.

We (my fam and I -- which includes Bob the Cow, remember) went to Hawaii for two weeks for our graduation present. Yep -- that's right Bob the Cow and Queequeg have graduated high school!!!
What we did:
First week: In Oahu
Next 2 days and one night: The Big Island, Hawaii
Final week: Maui!!!!

So, obviously we had a great time!!! But, alas, no computer checking down there.... snif!!!!
Have a great summer, everyone!

Oh, I almost forgot. This is also the day that you can call in to get your AP scores!!! Am I going to call? NOPE! I'm not spending one more dime on that stupid college board!