I almost did something rather amusing. I decided to write up a day log for today so I typed in January 28, 2001 in the search line, which gave me the node. As I was looking at what others had written up about today, I realized most of them were talking about the end of the weekend and superbowl sunday, which got me rather confused, it being a monday and all. I was just going to ignore these facts but then noticed that all the writeups had been writting in the year 2001, and that it is in fact the year 2002.

Maybe I'm in denial about the year 2002, too me anyway, the year just sounds stupid. We had 1999, which was awesome in itself let alone have a song named after it. Then we had 2000 which was our first year in the 2000s then 2001 which definately told us we were in the new mellenium (I don't care if a person thinks it was either 2000 or 2001 that was the beginning, but either way definatley by 2001). So, now in 2002, what is there?

Anyway, my annoyance of the technical details of the calender system is not why I came here today. I am, right now, procrastinating the tons of work I must eventually start and complete by the end of this week. And how best to procrastinate then write up a day log and tour around my favorite site, everything2.

Even more, it is one of the most beautiful days I have seen for a while. I am in Ithaca NY, attending Cornell Univeristy. When I decided on this university my friends laughed telling me I was crazy and had I heard about the winters there? I nodded and said yes, I had heard of the winters but that I'm sure it's not that bad. Well, apparently I'm right, since it's nearing the end of January and it feels like spring. Granted, we are supposed to get snow later on this week, but I mean sheesh.

My friend from Hawaii thinks he was jipped since he wanted the snow, it's not fair, he says. I mean, not that I'm complaining since I love this weather, but I have a warm parka that has not been worn and was quite expensive waiting, folded in my closet.

So things seem to be going pretty well so far, I don't have too much work... yet. And my friends are awesome. I'm still working on some boy issues but those never get resolved anyways. I'm about to give up, in fact.

So, I hope everything had a good Monday! Enjoy the rest of the week!

From Ithaca, with love, Queequeg.