So, this is my last day of freedom before classes start. Hopefully I will use it wisely, relax as much as I can, browse around on E2 and maybe pop in a movie or two.

In some ways I'm excited about classes to start since they'll give me something to do, but then again, that means too much work and stress which I hate dealing with.
So I guess I'll like it for a week or two at the most, which i'm sure is normal anyway.

Last night was fun, we went sledding down Libe Slope. For those of you who don't know Cornell, Libe Slope is the huge hill that separates central campus from west campus. I live on northcampus with all the rest of the fresham, so we just walked to the hill. At some points it is not too steep but for the most part it's awesome, especially close to Uris Library.

So we went for about an hour, and I have bruises and a small cut on my chin to prove I was there. So definately had tons of fun, espcecially trying to climb up the hill once we got down. There isn't actually that much snow here on the ground. Suprising since it snowed most of the day yesterday.
I guess I have to get used to this Ithaca weather. I left last thursday to come up here and in Washington DC, the weather felt like it was about to be spring. So yeah, it's pretty darn cold here.

So I'm all settled in finally, it took me a while to unpack since I had brought so much crap back with me. I guess that'll teach me for later semesters.

So, I guess that's enough rambling and random thoughts for today. I really hope I maintain my sanity this semseter. I actually didn't do all that badly (I passed chemistry!!!!). Everything should be proud, I think.