Happy birthday to me too!
Lady Midnight is older than me, as I am now 19.

So, I can't do anything new, but I have been able to buy cigarettes, vote, and buy and watch porn for a full year now!!!!! How exciting!

So, I had a nice day today, being my birthday and all.
As some of you know, I am a triplet, however my brother and sister of my age are back in school and I am at home still since classes start on the 21st (I'm at Cornell). So, this was my first birthday with out my triplet siblings. An interesting experience indeed.

But I saw two friends today and went to a very nice restaurant with my parents. So, it wasn't the excitment that I'm used to for my birthday and my sister and I tend to hold a nice, girly sleep over, but then again, I am in college (although, I still want to have a sleep over!).

So, another year gone past! And tomorrow I'm off to Cornell again, to start a new semester. I'm excited yet I'm pretty used to being back home (Bethesda, MD).

So, happy birthday to me, Lady Midnight, and bob the cow (my brother).