The X-files

Episode: 1X07
First aired: 11/5/93
Written by: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by: David Nutter

A team sent to drill into the Arctic ice core stops sending transmissions. In the last transmission a member says "We are not who we are. It goes no further than this." He is soon attacked by another member. They point guns at each other and stand at a a standstill then fire upon themselves.

Mulder and Scully with three scientists, Silva, Murphy, and Hodge and a pilot, Bear.
They all fly to the arctic base and find the dead team. A dog remains alive that attacks Mulder and bites Bear. After tranquilizing the dog they see a weird movement underneath its skin and small dark dots. Bear later finds similar dots on his skin.

Scully analyzes the blood of the dead team and finds a small single-celled creature that she believes is a larval stage of a larger creature. She wants to examine Bear's blood to check for the creature. Bear resists violently. Mulder tackles him and they see the same movement at the base of Bear's neck.
Mulder radios for help but a storm is coming so help won't arrive till later.

Scully theorizes that the creature attacks a certain point in the brain and causes aggressive and violent behavior.
They each become suspicious of each other and wonder who has been infected. They inspect themselves and no one has the black dots but Scully reminds them that the ones on the dog and on Bear disappeared after a while.

Mulder wakes up one night to find Murphy in a freezer with his throat slit. The others find him and accuse him of killing him.
They lock Mulder in a room.

Scully finds out that two creatures in the same host will attack and kill each other. They test the dog by putting another creature into it's ear. The dog is fine.
Scully is convinced that Mulder is not infected but the other two want to use the same treatment on him. Scully is scared that if he isn't infected he will be if they give him a creature.
They take Mulder and the two others push Scully into the room and lock her. The force Mulder on the ground and prepare to put the creature in his ear. One sees the other scientist's neck moving and he and Mulder administer the creature.

Important quotes:
Mulder (about undressing in front of the guys so they can check each other) -- "Before anyone passes judgement, may I remind you we are in the Arctic."

Scully -- " Mulder... you may not be who you are."

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