The X-files

Episode: 1X13
First aired:1/21/94
Written by: Larry Barber and Paul Barber
Directed by: Rob Bowman

A man dies after being seduced by a woman in a bar however a woman is seen entering to room with the man and a different man is seen exiting.

Mulder's research shows that there have been five similar deaths, three involving omen and two men, each having died in moments of great passion leading Mulder to believe that the killer would be the ultimate seducer.

Mulder and Scully are lead to a mysterious and reclusive sect, the Kindred. They are given few answers but later see a strange ritual.

One member talks to Scully of a member leaving the group however starts to seduce her but Mulder intervenes.

The killer picks up a victim but is stopped by the police. While fighting with the officer, the "she" suddenly becomes a "he" and knocks the officer out.

Mulder and Scully track the killer to a motel room and find another body. He/she is caught but the Kindred take him/her away saying that they can't enjoy pleasures humans can.

Afterward, Mulder and Scully look for the sect but they have gone.

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "There's something up there, Mulder."
Mulder -- "Oh, I've been saying that for years."

Mulder -- "I know what I saw, Scully. And I saw you about to do the wild thing with some stranger."

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