Donlon Hall is my place of residence right now. I am a freshman here at Cornell and as of this year, all freshman are housed on North Campus, where Donlon is located.

I feel very lucky to be living here. Although Donlon may be the dingiest dorm on campus (fragments of the ceiling flakes down upon touch, no kidding) and is considered one of the loudest dorms, I don't think I could be living in a better dorm for my freshman year.

Donlon is noisey, but not too much. It is also known as the social dorm, which is true. Tannor describes the dorm as a collapsed triangle, actually we call it the thong, cause that's what it looks like! Because of this set up, with three non branching halls meeting at a center lounge, on each floor, I basically know everyone on my floor, and that's close to 100 students.

It is very easy to walk around and find someone to talk to, no matter what time at night (or morning) it is.

The rooms are very comfortable. Most are singles, but there are two quads and three singles on each floor. I am in a single with a friend of mine, and we love our room. Very larg windows. Our only complaint (well maybe our main one) is the lighting. There is no overhead in the room, and the only lights they gave us are desk lamps. So we ended up buying three lamps, which even aren't enough when it gets late.

I also lucked out I guess with my RAs. Each floors as a guy RA and a girl RA, and both of mine are wonderful. So I think the combination of being able to meet so many people, who are turning out to be great friends, and have great RAs, plus living in the dorm, has created a wonderful freshman experience.

The location is awesome, too. As Tanner mentions, we are right across from RPCC, which is key. We are also close to the Community Commons, which also houses another all you can eat dinning hall. So plenty of options. We also have a nice parking lot, which is key for visiters.

So, all in all, Donlon is the place to live!!!