The X-files

Episode: 3X03
First aired:10/06/95
Written by: Howard Gordon
Directed by: Kim Manners

In a video acarade late at night, a teenager pushes Darin Peter Oswald to the ground when Darin tells him he was playing the game. Zero, Darrin's friend says that he shouldn't have done that as the lights go off. The bigger teenager leaves and gets into his car when it shorts out and he starts to spasm widly as Drin watches through the door.

Mulder and Scully arrive at the crime scene. The teenager is the fith apparent victim of lightning in the area. Mulder is unsure that lightning is what killed the boy since 60 people die of ligtning in a year and 4 have died in this area alone. He also notes that the victims have all been young males

They talk to Zero at the arcade who shows them the game that the victim was last playing. All the high scores are the same initials "D.P.O.", i.e. Darin Peter Oswald, the lone survivor of the five lightning strikes.

Darin encounters his boss's wife, who is clearly uncomfortable around him. His boss says that the FBI are coming to talk to him. As Mulder and Scully question him, Mulder's cell phone suddenly starts somoking and he throws it on the ground.

Zero, worried about the FBi goes to talk to Darin who doesn't care. He calls for lightning on top of a hill and is hit, but seems to enjoy it. The sheriff finds the dead cows that were hit by the previous lightning. He tells Mulder and Scully that they should leave. However, Mulder sees in the hill a footprint that was melted into the ground. They link the print to Darin.

Darin finds fun by changing traffic signals and eventually causes a crash amound passing cars. Mulder and Scully look in Darin's room and find the shoe matches. They aslo dind a picture of his boss's wife, Sharon, in a skin magazine.

At the car crash scene, Darin akes the his boss collapse. When the paramedic's equipment does not work, Darin uses his hands to jolt the man's chest and get a heart beat.

Mulder tries to talk to Sharon at the hospital but she is reluctant to talk. Mulder looks at Darin's chart which shows an electrolyte imbalence the may explain his conductive powers. Mulder says he is lightning and they have to stop him before he strikes again.

They can't question Darin since the lack of evidence. Sharon admits he has a crush on her. She begins to recieve unusual phone calls and Darin tells her hs has dangerous powers. Darin believes Zero has betrayed him and zaps him with a lightning bolt. Mulder and Scully go to the hopsital to protect the boss and his wife but the lights go out.

Darin and Scully have a standoff but Sharon leaves with him as he asks. The Sheriff stops them and Sharon flees as Darin kills the man. Mulder pulls her to safety as lightning strikes Darin again and knocks him unconscious.

Darin is restrains in a psychiatric hospital and his tests are normal.

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "...I hope you're not thinking this has anything to do with government conspiracies or UFOs."
Mulder -- "None of the evidence so far indicates either of those possibilities."

Mulder -- "That's great, now can you make me a little cherub that squirts water?"

Scully -- "The tread looks like a standard military boot. Mens... size 8 1/2."
Mulder -- "8 1/2? That's pretty impressive, Scully."
Scully -- "Well, it says it right here on the bottom..."
Mulder -- "Oh."

Scully -- "So what? Are we supposed to charge him with assaulting a cellular phone?"

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