The X-files

Episode: 2X25
First aired:05/19/95
Written by: Chris Carter and David Duchovny
Directed by: R. W. Goodwin

The season finale! Wow, what an episode!

After an earthquake in New Mexico, a young Native American, Eric, finds something shiny in the sand, which turns out to be a hatch. They also find a desiccated corpse that does not look human. Albert, Eric’s grandfather, says that it should be returned and that they will be coming.

Meanwhile, the Thinker, a computer hacker, breaks into the Defense Department computer system. In a series of phone calls, the Italian, Japanese, and German governments find that someone has broken into files called MJ. The German embassy calls the Cigarette Smoking Man who says he’s taken care of the problem. Hanging up, he speaks to the people in the room saying this was the phone call he never wanted to get.

Mulder is contacted by the Lone Gunmen who say they’ve been pursued by a multinational black ops unit named Garnet because of the Thinker. The j files turn out to be all the Defense Department has learned about UFOs since the 40s. Also that the Thinker wanted to meet with Mulder but the Lone Gunmen fear he is already dead. Suddenly Mulder’s neighbor shots her husband of over 30 years.

Mulder meets with the Thinker who hands him digital copies of the files. Upon examining the files, Mulder realizes that they are all in Navajo, which was used to encrypt messages during WWII.

Mulder is acting strangely, which Scully notices. Skinner tries to talk to him but Mulder punches him. Scully hears that Mulder is in danger of being dismissed and she would most likely be as well.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man visits Mulder’s father with pressing business. He tells Mr. Mulder that the documents have been breached. Mr. Mulder asks CSM if he can protect Mulder and CSM says that he’s been protected him for this long.

Scully is helped in finding a person who can read the Navajo and code.

Mulder wants to talk to X but gets a call from his father. Mr. Mulder begins to tell Mulder about his work at the State Department. He speaks of merchandise, as something that Mulder needs to find out. However, when he steps into the bathroom, he is fatally shot by Krycek.

Scully goes to talk to Mulder and walks over to the X on his window (used to summon X). She is shot from outside but luckily the bullet barely hits her forehead. Mulder calls Scully to tell her of his father’s death. They both worry that Mulder will be blamed for the death since his behavior has not been normal. Mulder reaches Scully’s apartment, sick and weakened. He wakes to find Scully and his gun gone.

Mulder is very upset with Scully and believes she thinks he killed his father.

Scully goes to Mulder’s apartment to retrieve the bullet. She finds that, when checking the plumbing, Mulder’s water has been drugged, which explains his weird behavior.

Mulder meanwhile, finds Krycek and is ready to kill him when Scully shows up and shoots Mulder to prevent him from committing murder.

Mulder awakens in New Mexico where Scully is there with Albert Hosteen, a Navajo code taker during WWII. Mulder is disoriented but Scully tells him of the drugging and he remembers that there was a murder in his building.

Scully plans to return to Washington but tells Mulder that he needs to find out what are in the MJ files. She has found that her name and Duane Barry’s name are among the recent entries having something to do with a test.

Albert mentions a tribe, the Anasazi, who disappeared 600 years ago. He thinks they were abducted. Eric, Albert’s grandson, takes Mulder to the alien corpse site. Mulder receives a call from CSM who warns him against taking things at face value and saying his father authorized the project.

Opening the hatch, Mulder finds underground compartments. He finds piles of, what appear to be alien bodies in the cars. He calls Scully from inside who’s found references in the files to Axis power scientists granted amnesty after the war to perform experiments on humans, called merchandise. On the alien bodies, Mulder notices a smallpox vaccination. He exclaims to Scully "Oh my God, Scully, what have they done?" just as the hatch is closed and the signal dies.

Above the cars, the CSM has arrived by helicopter. They search the cars but are unable to find Mulder. He sets the train on fire with Mulder, supposedly in side….

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "Have you boys been defacing library books again.?"

Mulder -- "You know they always denied that these files even existed. What do you want from me.?"
The Thinker -- "I want the truth. And I want you to promise that those rat bastards answer to the people."

Scully -- What are you talking about.?"
Mulder -- "The biggest lie of all."
Scully -- "What is this.?"
Mulder -- "The Holy Grail. The original defense department files. Hard evidence that the government has known about the existance of extraterrestrials for over fifty years."

CSM -- "I've protected him this long, haven't I.? Your son has been provident in the alliances that he's created. The last thing we need is a martyr in a crusade."

Mr. Mulder -- "You're going to learn of things... Fox, you're going to hear the words and they'll come to make sense to you."
Mulder -- "What words.?"
Mr. Mulder -- "The merchandise."

Scully -- "Fox... My God. Look at you. You're sick."
Mulder -- "I'm okay."
Scully -- "No come on, I want you to lie down on, woah, come on I want you to lie down, let me take your coat off. "
Mulder -- "You gotta find them Scully."

Scully -- "You had a temperature of 102 last night I didn't want to wake you."
Mulder -- "What were you afraid that I was gonna shoot you too.?"
Scully -- "Mulder, I'm being called into Skinners office this afternoon, they're gonna want answers and I'd like some good ones to give them."
Mulder -- "So you can clear your conscience and your name?! You've been making reports on me since the beginning Scully, taking your little notes!"
Scully -- "Mulder you're sick, you're not thinking straight, I'm on your side. You know that."
Mulder -- "Look you have my files and you have my gun. Don't ask me for my trust."

Mulder -- "And what is the truth.?"
Albert -- "Nothing disappears without a trace."

Mulder -- "Oh my God Scully, what have they done?"

CSM -- "Nothing vanishes without a trace."

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