That …

Was the longest day of my life. I woke up yesterday morning at 6 am in the morning. My usual time, but it is no easy task to drag your tired body out of bed at that ungodly hour. I got on my bus as usual, got to school, and stood like the unseeing beast I am at the lunch table for a good thirty minutes. Mind you it got some of my friends worried; that’s okay, they deserve to worry because they don’t notice me any other time.

The rain has been coming down in buckets for the last two days. About 1:30 or so, the school decided to close down. Being in Chemistry class, the evil thing it is, I quickly tossed the vials of chemicals down the sink, tossed my goggles and gloves into a poor excuse for a cubbyhole, jumped out the window (Okay, its first story window people, not a attempt at suicide) and clamored my way to the front of the school. The wind was going at about 20 mph and I dropped my book, which sent up a storm of lab papers across the lawn. Cursing I picked up the damn things and proceeded to wait for the busses to decide to come take me home. Seeing one of my good friends, I confided in him I thought I was crazy. He looked at me and said “So?” I looked at him and asked if he thought I was joking. He said that it was irrelevant. Craziness is all in your head. I gave him a look that said purely Thank you captain obvious!.

I got on my yellow twinkie only to be met with the fact I was going to have to walk the last half mile to my house. Some car wreck, a fallen tree, and a few broken power lines wouldn’t permit the bus to make its trek down my road. Wonderful.

I manage to get across the mangled mess of my street and the raging river that is my driveway to finally clamor up the steps to my house only to find no power. After a few hours of running in circles with the power company, I took a bike ride down to where the alleged poles are down. I find no trace of any such disturbance. Annoyed I call back the power company on my return and get run into a rut trying to figure out what they are pulling on me. Meanwhile, all my favorite ice cream is melting in the fridge; damn diet.

Finally its about 2:00 in the goddamn morning when I hear the whirl of the power returning to my home. Fourteen hours of darkness finally lifts only to hear every damn thing in the house turn on. I return to bed and attempt to get to sleep only to be awakened at about 3 am by the sounds of the transformer down the street blowing. Shit. I lay in bed listening to the sounds of the dogs down the street going wild and that damn rooster crowing. Wait until the fucking sun comes up! I hear the cheer of the entire street as the power comes back on about 5:15 am and finally tuck my head under the pillow as the house shrieks to life once again.

I drag myself out of bed at the again, ungodly hour of 6 am and listen to the radio. School is closed. Thank you. I go back to sleep, listening to the sounds of rain once again hitting my window. Great, anyone want to buy a lakeside property?