To End Denile: David

When woke up this morning, something really hit me. You see, I haven't allowed anything to stop me for one whole month. On April 1, 2003 a kid I knew pretty well, David Vachon, died due to complications with asthma. We didn't even find out until the next day, one month ago. April 2, 2003.

Now I'm not one to cry, but I watched as countless friends crumpled into tears at the news. I didn't let myself this of anything but making it easier for them. I haven't let it be real, not at his visitation, and not at his funeral, or anywhere. I know I would cry. I've had to be stronger than that. Until now that is. Now I can't hide from the fact that he is gone.

I'm not sure how My school gets through all of these things that have been thrown at us, but we do. I'm not sure how much more loss some of us can handle. I only hope I can help them. I am not important without my friends.