Just as the party pooper can be counted on to oppose group plans, and generally ruin the day, a party puker serves his or her role by ruining a party.

These insidious beasts lie in wait until the party has reached full swing, when everyone has mellowed, become comfortable with each other, and are just beginning to settle down.

At the point when friendly arguments can be heard over the music, and the host is wondering whether another bottle of vodka will be necessary, the party puker leaves the shadows to rain vomitous hell on the otherwise peaceful celebration.

Stumbling from his or her seat, the party puker makes a feeble attempt to reach a bathroom or sink. Eyes all across the room stare in dull, uncomprehending horror as the party puker stops moving, before explosively spraying out steaming effluvience from seemingly every orifice. An incident of this magnitude can either bring the partiers together through cleanup efforts, or drive them away; hastily mumbling excuses as they rush out the door.