I found myself in the middle of London although it looked and felt like downtown Dallas. I wandered around a bit came to a wide road which bordered a huge, perfectly square lake on the edge of downtown. Looking out over the lake it was perfectly flat, no waves. As I stared at the lake, I heard a crash and turned to see a young man lying on the pavement in the middle of the road. People gathered all around and stared - apparently he had been hit by someone on a moped. I walked towards him and saw that blood was flowing from his cracked skull onto the roadway but he had an evil grin on his face and his eyes were open and staring at me. Just as my eyes met his, I felt my soul start spinning and was suddenly sucked out the back of my head through what seemed like a very thin straw.

With a pop I snapped back into conciousness and I was in the body of a skinny Japanese man who was running full bore through the living room of an Oriental home. In my left arm I was carrying a black plastic bag which was extremely heavy. I could see through his eyes, but could not control his body in any way, it was as if I was a secondary conciousness. He continued to run through the house and into an alleyway. We were definitely in some Japanese ghetto and we were running from something... We dove into another doorway and through another home, and another, and another..... Finally we jumped through a door and entered a home which looked abandoned and had dark burns on the walls. On the floor were children's toys - singed teddy bears and melted multi-colored plastic. I lingered here, but the man kept running and I was pulled along with him.

After exiting this last home we found ourselves in the most beautiful Japanese garden I have ever seen. The grass was almost too green to look at and there were tall bamboo shoots huddled near the gnarled fence at the back of the garden, which was about fifty yards away. We began to sprint for the fence and a small ditch just before it when we heard a yelp from behind and turned to look - a police officer had found us! He began to run towards us and we stood petrified. Suddenly the officer stopped in front of an outdoor shower, similar to those seen at beaches, disrobed and began to bathe. Stupified, we walked to the back fence and looked into the shallow, grassy ditch.

In the ditch there lay a large plastic object that looked like a swimming pool filter of some kind. On the side there was a hatch and a handle. Dropping the bag next to it, we opened the hatch slowly and peered inside. It appeared to be empty. We then picked up the bag we were carrying, which now I could tell was a black body bag that contained a small child, and pushed the bag through the opening. Slamming the hatch behind it, we stepped back and listened as the machine began making horrific grinding noises like a coffee grinder.

My soul spun inside the oriental man and I was again sucked out of the back of his head through another tiny straw...

At this point I woke up in sweats because this was really the most realistic dream I've ever had.... I could swear I had actually traveled to these places and been somewhere other than my bed that night. Who the hell knows? It was a good experience though.