Coles Supermarkets in Australia is trying to do this in their Queensland division.

It's not an ISO Standard, but it's an internal standard, and they are retro-fitting their older stores to match.

The store I work in, Garden City, was built 6 months ago, and is the flagship store. We are across the road from Garden Square commercial tower, which is where our state office is, so they're always trying to improve things (which usually leads to them being Fucked Up). Our store looks the same as the store in Lutwyche, and is laid out in the same fashion, with an entrance on the right, facing the Bain Marie of the Island Deli / Bakery. To the right is the Market Bin Style Fresh Produce department. All the rest of the store is laid out in the same fashion.

There are 4 other stores in Queensland which are laid out the same. All the fittings and fixtures are in the same location, along with all the stock. The only exception is Capalaba, which is reversed, as the Shopping Centre it is housed in, only has provisions for Left Handed entry.

They will eventually Homogenize all stores, and customer confusion will be no more. Along with the new decor designed to make the store feel friendly and the customer feel welcome, in addition to using Lisa McCune as their mascot, they hope to encourage more mothers into the store (Because the crappy old sterile environment and higher prices was making them all go to Woolworths).

And remember: The Eggs are ALWAYS in Isle 3.