The meaning of the lyrics may lie in the fairly plain reference to the suits of the cards found in a traditional Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, from which the suits of modern playing cards are derived (that is, some playing cards; you will find that playing cards purchased in Italy and other European countries might retain the original Tarot suits):

The suit of Spades is derived from the Tarot suit of Swords, the suit Clubs from Wands, and the Diamonds from the Pentacles ( also known as Coins.) The suit of Hearts derives from the Tarot suit of Cups.

So we might surmise that the protagonist of this little story is truly performing a divination with the cards, but that he is reading the arcane and mysterious signs of the Tarot rather than the numbers and probabilities of normal playing cards.

It might also be suggested that the protagonist is eventually doomed to his poor fortune: it is universally understood by those that practice Tarot divination that you must never NEVER disrespect Tarot cards by using them in games of money and chance.