I will tie Qeyser to the hood of my Honda: A dialogue

{QEYSER and CZEANO are reclining in the Chatter Box}

QEYSER: So I heard that HOT DAMN was quite an event.

CZEANO: It was like seeing God in the face. And I met jessicapierce.

QEYSER: Spiffy, too bad that I can't make make your gathering, what with my moving to a new city that weekend . . .

{JURPH Enters.}

JURPH: Hey qeyser . . .

QEYSER: Yes Jurph,

JURPH: As a member of the armed services, specifically the branch that makes flying killy-things, I cannot stress enough what disappointment I would feel to be without your presence in North Carolina next month.


JURPH: Oh indeed. In fact, I would anticipate being so distraught that I would be beyond all consolation - save for the possibility of your participating in some of my free-lance field research in low altitude rocketry aerodynamics.

QEYSER: You mean the hood of your Honda again?



CZEANO: Oh indeed.


I am going to attend, this, my first e2 gathering. I have seen pictures of the last large east coast event and I hope to soon have the same dazed expression that results from seeing real people materialize out of the aether. Since this is my first gathering, I don't exactly know what I will bring, but here is a tentative (unordered) list.
  • My body and moral soul
  • Transportation for five (bodies and mortal souls)
  • Yuengling. I will be coming from the birth place of this beautiful beverage, and I will try to purchase it from as close as possible to the brewery.
  • Several musical instruments
  • Pointy boots

And these are the things that I hope to accomlish.

Life seems much more exiting when you use UL tags. See y'all there.