Alright, so lets gets review here what I had intended to do on the nature trail to hell:{snip!}

And these are the things that I hope to accomlish.


And this is where we stand now:

Ok, so I got almost all of it. And I did tell Jared fuck himself. Well not really – I said it under my breath – because, really he’s such a nice guy and how could I just go up to him and say Fuck you, Jared?

And on the list of things-that-I-did-that-were-not-on-the-list-of-things-that-I-wanted-to-do:

  • Watch panamaus cook , Drink with Hermetic, Form an elite canoe-based Appalachian water rescue squad with brassmule and Play geetar with xWakawaka
  • Almost drive my new car into czeano’s house
  • Eat yummy Ostrich gamete
  • Inhale paint fumes
  • Watch some SICK SICK SICK things on PBS.
And on that note I have some un-ordered ruminations and messages:

That about does it. Thanks to everyone and of course to our robot lord and master czeano for making it all possible. – Oh and I almost forgot, here is a list of state sanctioned, FDA approved pronunciations for my name:

“kai zer” – (as in the roll)
“kwee zer”
“kay zer”

Or if you prefer the “real life” name that my parents gave me:

Hey, shithead!

See y’all at the next gathering . . .