Dedicated to a lover who didn’t return from the dead

In the darkness
I came in search of you
There you were

I smelt you
And breathed in to the souls of my feet
I tasted you
A splash of lime in sweaty heat
I heard you
Or did I hear the Quendi’s sigh?
I saw you
A pure white moon in a Middle Eastern sky
I felt you…

In the lightness
I came to know you
There you were

Your wings spread so widely
Carried me
Your eyes of blue vision
Penetrated me
Your voice an angel’s song
Soothed me
Your heart a chalice of passion
Saturated me
Your soul an ancient rain
Undressed me

And there I was

Tenderly merged
Suddenly surged

Then still…

Bleeding as your breath is hushed…

Death turns everything grey
Like an English sky

O my beloved! There was dawn in your eyes, and in that dawn there was the silent mystery of a deep night, and the silent promise of a full day, and I was fulfilled, and I was whole. O my beloved, this life, this veil, is between us now. Must I live this death and die again that I may live again? Must I need linger until all these green things turn yellow and then naked again, and yet again?
Why did you call me into a world which you knew in your heart you would leave? Any one of the dead might have served to glorify you. Kahlil Gibran, Lazarus and His Beloved