The goddamned police helicopters are back. They are. I hear them. They're right above my apartment building.

Oh, how I wish I were paranoid. Then I could at least be comforted by the possibility that they're delusional. But, alas...I am not. I don't think they're coming for me. I don't think. But they're definitely there, and it's aggrivating.

Yup...there're the searchlights. Centered on the intersection just up the block.

Some dude (I assume) is out there dashing back and forth between the Mobil station and the Exxon station directly across the street. Why won't those fuckers just pick one name to use? It's the same goddamn corporation...or maybe it would look "silly" to have two of the overtly-same gas station right next to each other.

But I digress. Those goddamn police helicopters are still up there. Two of them. Whupwhupwhupwhupwhupwhup.

Herein lies another interesting demonstration of the Doppler Effect.


Again and again and again.

Somebody get these black death machines out of my neighborhood's air space.