I am in a high-school-type classroom, which was poorly designed enough to have pillars all over the place. There are only seven or eight other people in the room with me.

Suddenly the room is invaded by a bunch of loud people who proceed to lock the door (locking us in the room). They begin shouting slogans and unrolling home-made banners and generally becoming confrontational with everyone.

"You're Situationists!" I cry out.

One of the Situationists says something unintelligible and begins detourning everything.

A man in a blue Izod shirt places a matte-grey bicycle upside down (so the wheels are in the air) on a table.

"This is not a bicycle." I mutter to myself, contemptuously.

"This is not a bicycle!" yells Mr. Izod, facing the other people in the room (away from me) and pointing at the not-bicycle.

I can only assume that this dream reflects some anxiety I have about confronting people with my "radical ideas". IRL I'm quite a fan of Situational things and such, but in the dream I was quite hostile to them. Hmm.