(a la Comic Book Guy) Second-best New Year's Eve ever.

This is my favorite holiday; my secular self. "Once more 'round the sun," they say, scoffingly. "Yes," I reply, "exactly."
It's an arbitrary date, ain't it? Any day could be the New Year.

Yeah, so pick one, and let's mark it.

I celebrate time. What a beautiful collision of human mechanism and universal material. Labcoated Sysiphees count their photons and spin the LEDs, tick tock, but it's always gonna be just... off. Now now now now now. Right. Uh...add 'nother day every four yearsish, and call it square. How I love you so: our gorgeous illusion.

This bounce around, some thank yous are in order:

Charmayne. Today guaranteed I'll never forget you. All that fuss, but it's so simple once I get my head straight... Who'd have known you were waiting, down the long line of years? Thank you.

Page, Mike and Trey ( Jonny F, how I wish the time was right for you to be there. This is for you, too.) "...and they rejoiced with exceeding great joy." Your gifts to me are beauty, and love, and magic. You've changed my life and touched me more deeply than anything I've ever experienced. That which flows from you to all of us is beyond words; all I can manage to do is stumble over clich├ęs in return. Thank you.

Jeff, thanks for sharing it with me.

Gimme five, Janus.