Noders are not what you'd expect.

Anecdote: during the marriage of ideath and zot-fot-piq, lit from beneath in front of the Pru, passersby asked what was happening. "Is this performance art?" one of them inquired.

"It's some kind of wedding. A pagan thing for Earth Day. Some Internet cult." (Amalgamated Creative Responses, INC.)

One body of assorted noders. Gathering mitosis creates cells of edevites and writers. A kitchen thick with perl audio. I'm sure entire sites were being written in the air above CowboyNeal, jaybonci, N-Wing, clampe, novalis and others. The living room was for those of us less in tune with coding esoterica. We had games, and were amused by glowing hands.

There is a cave under cahla's house, wherein could be found winky lights, delectable (and noxious) fumar, and display spectacular of arm wrasslin'. donfreenut wanted blood. Chihuahua Grub displayed his (nigh)undefeatable Zen-Slack School of bicep combat, complete with Visage of Total Relaxation and Dangling Cigarette of Peace. Walter transformed his arm into a mighty rod of steel.

Noder Iron Chef needs no judging. As cahla says, "everybody wins". The food line stretched into the living room.

Orange Julius would not channel Robert Plant again, no matter how many chemicals he was plied with. Still, there was music. Forgetting half the words is half the fun. Everybody sang the guitar solos.

It is impossible to actually confuse WonkoDSane with WonkoTheSane.

Truly we did scavenge all of Boston and even the vultures will go hungry. Remember: lateral thinking equals profit. Extra points for bringing back one of every bus schedule. Extra points for stealing shot glasses. Extra points for making jaubertmoniker's work day a little less painful.

The absence of computers does not stop us from /msging each other. As long as there are pens and paper tablecloths, the mail will go through. All praise to Hemos for covering our asses.

We have conquered Boston and with minimal casualties. The noder swarm will not be de-venomed. Your city is next.

This has been a fractalized remembrance of I'M GUNNA BE WICKED RETAHDED: Come for the scenery, stay for the BAP (another E2 nodah pahty).