The University of Pennsylvania distributed a promotional magnetic poetry set in the Fall of 2000. The poorly chosen vocabulary made forming anything coherent something of a challenge. It was a 5" x 8" magnetic card which had to be separated into its constituent words. In the center was the horrible pun "STICK with PENN !!!", which is why STICK is all caps below.

Herewith, the collection of poetry which had survived on my fridge the entire academic year. The stanzas were arranged in three columns. Below, the triple line breaks indicate where the column breaks were. No, I don't know why they are mostly sexual in nature.

            Hey  you
         let's  go  do
        the  kiss  game 

         I  said  you
           and  me

how  friends  will  look  on  us

       can  we  do  it?

        all  college  girls
      want  professor  come  !!!

  see  fun  red  love  STICK  going  out

have  to  shop  for  what  they  eat  today

    she  like s  eat ing
    dorm  cook ed  guys
    at  a  fraternity
        house  party

loud  with  no  class
   he  did  her  Ivy  field

  money  can't  smile