angel food for thought was Meryn Cadell's major-label album debut. Previously, she had only produced two independent cassettes, Mare-In Ka-Dell and Talking like Crazy. The album's title is properly typeset entirely in lowercase.

Only one track off this album was a successful single and video, The Sweater, in 1991. Inventory and Barbie were subsequently released as singles, but they did not perform as well. This is understandable, considering that standard radio/television marketing would have made it difficult to promote her much better spoken-word tracks Flight Attendant or Job Application or short tracks like Spelling Bee or Being in Love on anything but college radio. Inevitably, she felt she had to distance herself from "the sweater girl."

The tracks are almost all spoken-word, with some set to music or loops. Other tracks are simple a capella. A note about the lyric nodes: I tend to add commentary and annotation with pipe links.

Artist: Meryn Cadell


In Canada: Intrepid Records/Capitol, 1991
International: Sire/Reprise, 1992

 1: Secret
 2: Bumble Bee
 3: Flight Attendant
 4: Being in Love
 5: Inventory
 6: Deep Sixin'
 7: Knitting
 8: I Say
 9: The Wait
10: I Been Redeemed
11: Spelling Bee
12: The Sweater
13: Job Application
14: The Pope
15: Sharkhead
16: Martina
17: Maidenform
18: Confide
19: Clothes
20: Barbie

I like to think that the title is an allusion to Ionesco's absurdist play The Chairs, the finalé of which involves the words "Angel Food" being writ large on a blackboard. Angel Food is also the title of an unrelated Ani DiFranco song.

I was introduced to this CD at CTY (Hamilton campus 1995), and forgot the artist's name and the album title by the time I was somewhere CDs were available for purchace. I spent years looking and trying to remember. Finally, I was in a Barnes and Noble or Borders and their CD section had a computer on which one could search by track name. Of course, I remembered the sweater song, and lo and behold my quest was over.

I welcome comments on this first attempt of mine at both noding lyrics and a structured set of WUs.