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I'd suggest people show up a day early and go with me to the AREA:ONE FESTIVAL: Moby, OutKast, New Order, The Roots, and Paul Oakenfold, maybe even Carl Cox! Not only is the lineup great, this might be your one chance to see the best concert venue in the world. Only $60.40! ($72.65 through TicketMa$ter) Tickets still available...order now! :-) Please /msg me if you are interested -- it's a long drive. (www.areafestival.com)


RoboCup-2001 in Seattle, August 4-10, 2001
Dear Microsoft Summer Interns,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Manuela Veloso, and I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University. This year, I am the chair of an international event fostering reserch on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, RoboCup-2001. RoboCup-2001, with teams of soccer and also rescue robots, will be held for the FIRST TIME in the United States, in Seattle at the Washington Convention Center, August 4-10, 2001!

RoboCup-2001 is open to the public every day 7:30am-6:00pm (or probably until 8:00pm - we are still trying to see if this 8pm is possible). Below I give some more details, but this message is my personal invitation to all of you to attend RoboCup. I expect it to be a very interesting event in Computer Science and Robotics. The exact schedule of the games will be available on the RoboCup-2001 Web page on August 2nd.

I hope to see you there!
Manuela Veloso
General Chair, RoboCup-2001

I'm living in downtown Bellevue, scant moments from Seattle as long as there's more than one person in my car. My apartment could accomodate many sleeping bags and associated noders: we have TWO BATHROOMS and broadband inet access. My roommate is tall but harmless, unless you get him on a topic related to human exretions (it's better not to ask.) He might even have finished his software cable descrambler by then.

I'd suggest everyone would enjoy walking around Fremont. Vintage shops, bookstores, a statue of Lenin and a cold war missile -- what's not to love?! I'd suggest 21+ (year old) noders take a pub tour around Fremont, or at least visit the Red Hook brewery. There's so much good beer in Washington, I've forgotten what else there is to drink. In a similar vein, people might like the Kirkland waterfront -- you never know.

If a reasonable number of people would like to see the Microsoft campus, and maybe an office or two, I could swing that, too. I can also spend up to $350 at the Microsoft Company Store, where MSFT products are ~1/10 the cost, if anyone wants anything. Like Office:mac for $50!

You can expect:

* : If anyone has a fast ~50mm Nikon-compatible lens I could use, I'd be much obliged -- I'm currently operating with an 18-35/2.8 and a 70-300/4.6. Not ideal for snapshots in low light.