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My second day staying with infy & co. in New York.

... lunch at the dominican place ... meet up with dead ... dv8 ... london for the second time + ansate's first single glove ... visiting dee unnanounced ...

Before Christine shoved us out into the street I purchased a lovely bong from her shop. It is my first bong, I was so happy. I can't wait to obtain some fine tobbaco products to pop its cherry.

Two rounds of Guiness. One round of The Glenlivet 12 Year. Dee complains the scotch did nothing for her. Soon I am patiently explaining to the bartender (with whom dead seemed obsessed) how to make a proper Mind Eraser for the four now-interested noders. Unfortunately dee starts stirring hers just as i'm explaing the concept behind the lack of mixing. Combined with her dislike of licorice she wasn't too thrilled with the taste. But like a good girl she sucked it down like the rest of us. Back at the table, she complains of her un-drunkedness again. Moments later she feels it and apologises most sweetly for doubting me.

A drink or two more into the evening, I'm really noticing dee's piercings, in particular the little horeshoe has in her tragus. So as a piercing virgin, to her I say, "I should get my tragus pierced." She says, "I won't do it while I'm drunk," which we were, "but we can just go to Wherever and my friend will do you." "Good deal," I said.

Minutes (and $15) later, I sit in the chair. Someone says they want to watch, I urge all the assembled noders to satisfy their voyuristic urges. Seeing them all cram into the back of the shop is amusing. The chick asks, "are you ready?" I answer in the affermative, close my eyes, and feel the pinch of the needle and it's done.

The rush is something crazy.

After tipping the piercer, offhand-like I say to the assembled "I've always wanted to get my nipples pierced." Dead offers to pay for it, initially saying he'd do his if I did mine. He chickend out I guess, but still paid for both my nipples. Though it hurt a little more, the wierd high afterwards was that much better. The pain lasts for a fraction of a second, the little tingles lasted all night.

Dee discouraged me from doing anything more, three was enough for one night. It is crazy addictive, I see that now.

I like them. I'm happy. Wheeee!

... subway bondage ... late night pizza ... bleeding ... funny noises in the night ...